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Community Youth Risk Behavior - Full Report

Community members may be interested in reading the full report of the Community Youth Risk Behavior Survey.
The survey is conducted bi-annually among students at Bedford High School and across New Hampshire.
The survey helps the school district monitor trends in students' risky behaviors. The district uses these results to shape intervention strategies to help students make healthier decisions.
The report is found HERE .






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12/13/16 - Teen substance use shows promising decline - The 2016 NIH Monitoring the Future survey shows use of most illicit substances down, but past year marijuana use relatively stable For More information click HERE


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The Bedford Police and Fire Departments offer a "Safe Station" where anyone affected by drugs and/or alcohol, or needing assistance in dealing with friends or family members will find help.
This program is open to all people and is available 24 hours a day.
If you have need for assistance, please come to the Safety Complex on Constitution Drive, Bedford, NH or call 911.
This is a non-fault finding service and the only goal is to provide a safeplace for you, or your friend or family member. For those cases that require intervention, the Bedford Police Department provides a service that provides immediate referrals to treatment and recovery facilities.
Please contact them directly for more information.
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